Cannot send email/SMTP alerts from MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM)


The Problem


We found this frustrating problem where some of our client servers couldn’t send email alerts from MegaRAID to Office 365 via a mail relay we had setup. We tested all sorts of configurations:


  • Changed SMTP Server settings from a hostname to IP
  • Changed the Sender email address
  • Tried different ports
  • Enable/disabled authentication

But nothing worked! Then I noticed a BroadCom article which stated:

G-Mail and other similar e-mail clients are not directly supported.
See the following KB for a workaround: 

 How can half of our client servers work and other don’t?!


The Fix

I then started to go back through client servers that have MSM alerts setup fine with Office 365. Well, the fix isn’t anything revolutionary, however I can share that MSM version does still work!

No more failed disks with not alerts!