Cannot access IMM (Integrated Management Module)

This one seems to come up from time to time and is a mistake often made (if you can call it that). I’m not sure if it’s the same with HP iLO or Dell iDRAC. Cannot access IMM (Integrated Management Module)

The Problem

You have an IBM or Lenovo server with IMM (Integrated Management Module) and you are NOT utilising the dedicated IMM port, but the shared network port instead. You try to access or ping the IMM address from the server or any VMs on that server, but get a time out. You cannot access the web GUI either.

The Fix

There are two options here to fix the ‘issue’.

  1. Switch to use the dedicated IMM port
  2. Access the IMM from another computer on the network.

The issue seems to have something to do with sharing the IMM port and there being a routing problem when trying to access IMM from that same port.