Configure static routes with DrayTek routers


The Problem

 So you’ve got multiple WAN connections and you want to set certain machines within your network to use different WANs. 

This article will show how to configure static routes on DrayTek routers and failover to the alternate WAN connection.


The Fix

Consider there is WAN1 and WAN3.

You want all traffic on subnet to route via WAN1 and IP addresses and to route via WAN3. You always want all IP addresses to failoverto the secondary WAN connection (WAN1/WAN3) in the event that the IP address’s primary WAN fails. 


WAN > > General Setup. Make sure both are enabled and are set to Always on and Load Balance off.


Go to Routing >> Load-Balance/Route Policy.

Policy 1 is checked first, then 2, then 3, etc. 

Create a policy to mimic these settings and put one in position 1, and the other in position 2.

Now we create a third policy which is for ‘everyone else’. This policy means that if policy 1 & 2 doesn’t apply, then it will try policy 3. Given that policy 3 applies to the entire subnet, all computers in the network other than and will follow this policy. 

So based on Policies 1/2/3:

  • will route out via WAN3 primarily but will failover to WAN1 if WAN3 is disconnected
  • will route out via WAN3 primarily but will failover to WAN1 if WAN3 is disconnected
  • All other IPs in the subnet will route via WAN1 primarily but will failover to WAN3 if WAN1 is disconnected.

You can test this route by going to Diagnostics > > Route Policy Diagnosis.

See the below screenshots.